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Great coffee

Smooth coffee at a great price !

Ceo's Child/Ari

I love it! It's so good because it's so flavorful and not sweet!😃

My Favorite

I really enjoy this roast. It’s a daily brew every morning. Highly recommend!

Bold and Smooth

This coffee has the perfect balance of bold and smooth. The “ roasted” flavor is strong and tapers off with a subtle pleasant aftertaste. This is the only coffee I can drink without adding a sweet creamer. I’d recommend this coffee to coffee connoisseurs and beginners. It’s just that perfectly balanced.


Seriously flavorful dark roast without being bitter. I am totally enjoying this flavor and definitely will be continuing to buy it!

Awesome !!!!

The bomb diggy !!!!

Best coffee of all time

the delightful blend of caramel and coffee is very good. It's very rich with a aftertaste of caramel which makes this coffee so good.

love it!!! - Ari/in class

Really good and flavorful

Big on taste light coffee

A true light coffee with lots of smooth nutty flavor

This coffee is really delicious!!

Caramel Cabana | 12oz
Lori Brodberg
Very smooth and comforting

A great subtle taste that doesn’t over power the great flavor of the coffee. Doesn’t give me the caffeine jitters and easy on the stomach. You can enjoy this all day.

Local brew packs a punch!!

Always on the hunt for an amazing dark brew and here it is. Dark, rich, and full of flavor. Do yourself a favor and check it out!!

Caramel Cabana | 12oz
Jessica Riley
Lovely Local Brew!

If you haven't tried out The Fresh Grinds yet you are missing out. Smoothness in a cup!!

Midnight Mocha | 12oz
Danielle Dayrell
Amazing Coffee experience and company!

Being a coffee connoisseur, I was pleasantly surprised at the taste and flavor of this NEW locally-roasted COFFEE!
Amazing flavor dances on my palate and I love to support local. WOW!
You will be wowed with these unique flavors! THANK YOU!!!! :)

Not overwhelming

All too often when you buy flavored coffees, they are sickley sweet and overpowering in artificial flavors. Not this one! Just the right touch of flavor so it doesn't ruin the coffee!

Rich in caramel taste

Really enjoy their blends, rich in flavor. I don't even use cream/sugar with these!

Rich in flavor

Really enjoyed the taste on this one, I'm normally not a cheesecake fan, but this had a rich flavor. Tried it just black without any sugar/cream and felt it had a nice taste to it.


Ok, I reviewed the Carmel Cabana which was great! Then I tried the Midnight Mocha,Wow!, my new fav!! You are spot on with these flavors! Looking forward for what's coming in the future!


I drink coffee 365 days a year! The Carmel Cabana is great, would highly recommend it. I love that it is a local company and they make great coffee! You can't miss with this!!

Caramel Cabana | 12oz
Joshua Norris
The “NEW” new coffee.

I’m a family man.
A contractor.
Busy around the clock.
That busy busy some of you grinders in the field know too well.
I’m also a man of God. Not perfect by any means.
But under the lords watchful eye,
I swear this coffee is the fu**ing bomb baby !!!!


Don’t sleep on this coffee. Lol.

Super Quality

I’m not usually a flavored coffee guy but, Trevis really nailed it. I have the medium roast in the mornings and switch up the flavors with a little honey and almond milk in the afternoons. I live on Maui where I can find some pretty fresh grinds…but not this fresh 🤙🏼

Best Coffee I've had in years!!!

Caramel Cabana and Midnight Mocha are 🔥 Need the coffee to function sometimes. I want this coffee though because it's delicious and gete me goin! Awesome coffee, keep it up!!